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Fresh College Meat

Well, the guys got some fresh meat to bang in this latest fraternity x video. Ian is the one getting his ass loosen up by the entire frat x gang. He was new and ended up spending a lot of time with the frat guys. It was clear that he was into guys, just by the way he checked everyone out, every guy that passed in front of him. Ian was invited to the house to get to know all the guys and after a couple of beers the guys tried Ian out. He was pretty hammered so he didn’t mind getting his ass nailed to the floor and having the entire house dumping their loads in his tight ass. From the looks of it Ian is going to be a fit for their household and pretty soon he is going to become the house bitch.

The guys were impressed with the way he took it all and they didn’t even have to tie him up or duct tape his mouth. He didn’t try to get out of it or scream and like we said he took it like a pro. Below you can see him getting hammered by his new frat brothers and getting covered with jizz. You are going to find some amazing shots and you guys should not miss them out. This was all for today but we’ll be back soon with more updates!

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  • Updated March 19, 2020
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Ass Bashing

Tyler, the house bitch gets his ass fucked in this one, again. He is the only one that can get them pissed all the time, without even wanting it. He was cleaning the gay frat porn┬áhouse because it was his turn to do it. Tyler started with the guys’ rooms and left the living room last because there was all the mess. He was so focused on cleaning that he completely ignored the guys that were watching a fight on the TV.

Tyler cleaned all the beer cans on the floor and as he was gathering them he passed in front of the TV. Right in that moment, the fight was about to end and the guys missed the final hit. They were pissed at him and the last thing Tyler heard was everyone screaming to move, but it was too late. The guys were all over him, pinned his sorry ass to the ground and started pounding it. The entire frat shoving their dicks in Tyler’s ass and they fucked his face too. Tyler got fucked again! That was why everyone knew him as the house bitch because he always messed things up and got fucked for doing them. But he got used to it after staying with the guys for so long. Tyler actually enjoyed being the frat house bitch even with all that intense fucking. Enjoy the scene below!

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  • Updated March 16, 2020
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Fucked Up

Another fraternity guy gets fucked in this latest frat porn video. A new bitch arrived on the campus and all eyes were on him. Everyone wanted to find out what’s his story and from what the guys found out this guy lived for riding dicks. He was perfect for the fraternity because you can never have enough guys. The guys invited the new guy to their house on his first night there. The new guy was crazy or at least he thought that before he saw what goes down in their house. Once he entered the house he saw people banging one another all over the place, in each room he went. When he got the invite he did a little reach about the frat house and found out how they like things to be done, so he was there to impress!

This guy was crazy, he just couldn’t get enough! Took turns on riding the guys’ cocks without them doing a thing. They just laid back and got their dicks sucked. But the guys didn’t really like his screaming so one of the guys took care of his big mouth. This crazy dude got his ass hammered by the entire house on his first night there. This was epic and the guy did a hell of a job in this latest update. See you next time!

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  • Updated March 16, 2020
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Gang Bangers

FraternityX has another amazing video for you guys. These frat guys love partying and this time it was over the roof. They threw a welcome party to all the freshmen that joined their frat house. But there was a catch to it because the guys didn’t have even the slightest idea that this was a gay fraternity. Everyone heard about their parties but none of the freshmen expected things to get this wild on their first night there. After a tour of the house, the guys saw what was really going on in their house and no matter where you were looking some was getting fucked or getting his dick sucked. It was way more intense that they expected it to be!

The guys waited until everyone was a bit dizzy and started hitting at them. Most of them went for it but there were a few first timers between them and the guys didn’t have any mercy on their nice and tight asses and to make it even worst the entire fraternity gang was looking at them. The guys had a kick fucking all those straight guys and the best part is that we got it all on camera. So if you like seeing cock sucking and ass fucking this is the perfect video for you. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more!

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  • Updated February 22, 2020
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Tied Up Fuck Hole

Riley, the snitch, received a rough punishment from his fraternity x bros. Riley talked too much with the wrong people and now everyone was watching them. They really didn’t need all that attention on them so they had to teach Riley a lesson. The guys had their businesses using their frat x as a cover up but Riley blew everything, so the guys didn’t have any mercy the next time they met and destroyed his ass. The guys knew about Riley’s big mouth but they didn’t say a word to him and showed him instead just how upset they are with his behavior. It was an ordinary day around the frat house and the guys started fooling around and included Riley too. They tied him up using some tape and then took turns on destroying his tight butthole. The gay frat guys had a camera with them the entire time so we have everything on tape for you guys. This is all for today but we’ll see you tomorrow with another update!

  • Updated February 10, 2020
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Poppers Whore

Fraternity X Videos is back with another amazing video and this time Tyler is the guest star. The hot frat x guy loves too much sniffing poppers and getting hard dicks up his tight asshole. The guys love taking advantage of that and this is what happened in this video too. Tyler had the dorm all to himself so this was the best time to sniff and it went ok until the guys caught him in the act. The guys really like it when Tyler was in a good mood because that means wild sex. He was an animal in the sack and that’s why the entire fraternity was waiting for him to loosen up a bit. This was one of those days for Tyler and the entire fraternity took advantage of that.

The fraternity guys were a bit buzzed to they thought to have some fun with Tyler. Everyone knew how fun Tyler is after he sniffs things so they did whatever they wanted with him. The guys tied him up and pinned his fine ass down and started taking turns on banging the party fool. So get ready for one of the best videos you’ve ever seen because the frat bros did it again. Stay tuned for more gay frat porn updates!

  • Updated January 16, 2020
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Horny Frat-Boys Fuck

Nothing can stop these horny frat boys from fucking, not even the worst hangover. They had a crazy party last night at the frat house and as usual, it involved their two favorite activities, drinking, and ass-banging. After that wild party, the guys wanted to chill around the house so they stayed and watched sport. But as they got caught in the game one of their guys started looking after his backpack and kept distracting them. He kept on checking a closet next to the TV and blocked their view.They were understanding, if it happened once, if it happened twice but this was too much.

The guys found the best way to teach him a lesson and this is a lesson he won’t forget too soon and neither will his ass. He was fucked before by the guys but nothing compared to this and they got it all on camera too. So without telling him a word they pinned his ass to the ground and took turns on drilling his ass. The poor guy got his ass fucked and he didn’t found his backpack either. This was all for today so check out the video below but don’t forget to get back for more real frat gay fucking scenes.


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  • Updated February 22, 2020
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Frat Porn

The frat guys have another intense gay fraternity x sex video for you guys. The guys love sharing everything, so around the frat porn house, you can never be alone. This guy made the mistake to watch some gay porn in the living room without inviting the guys. Everyone knows how much they enjoy a good porn video in the afternoon, to relax them after a hard day of doing nothing. The guys had the best schedule from the entire campus, few classes and most of them were in the same days, so they had around five free days a week, that a lot of time to fuck and to get fucked. Once they saw this guy enjoying his day off they had to do something about it.

So the guys made sure he wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. All of them gathered in the room and while the movie was still playing the guys they nailed his ass to the ground took turns on stuffing it. This is what we call a good frat porn video and in case you want to see more make sure you check out the rest of the updates on the page. We’ll see you next time with more fraternity x porn updates!

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  • Updated February 16, 2020
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Loosen Him Up

The horny frat guys are back with another hardcore gay sex video. The frat bros were chilling in front of the TV this afternoon when one of them found some porn to watch. That got their buzz on and had to find a guy to bang now. The frat guys just saw one of the new guys passing around the room so they took him for a ride. The poor dude didn’t know what hit him, all those guys around him everyone trying to get him undressed and tied. He knew that the guys like it rough but now he found out just how rough.

He didn’t really like the idea so the guys had to tie him up and get him in the mood. The new guy ended up enjoying getting his tight ass pounded by the entire fraternity. After he chilled the guys untied him and continued nailing his ass and fucking his throat too. He sure was hard to convince but the guys did it again and you can watch it all in the latest video below. He did a really good job, so we hope that the guys are including him in their next videos too. Until the next upload make sure you check out the older updates. Enjoy!

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  • Updated February 22, 2020
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Sunday Funday

The frat x guys are here with another amazing gay sex video for you guys from their fraternityx house. The other day they caught one of their guys jerking off his dick while they were looking for a place to watch the game. Tyler was enjoying some alone time in the frat house living room when all the guys started messing around with him.

It didn’t take them too long to start nailing his sorry ass. Everyone knows that Tyler likes two things and those are gay frat porn and gang bangs, so the more the merrier. The guys didn’t have any mercy on his dumb ass and after shutting his mouth off with duct tape everyone got to bang his ass while watching the game. Tyler was a screamer and while they usually enjoy that today they couldn’t hear the game because of his big mouth. Enjoy it!

Enjoy watching the frat guys banging another dumb ass!

  • Updated January 16, 2020
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