Loosen Him Up

The horny frat guys are back with another hardcore gay sex video. The frat bros were chilling in front of the TV this afternoon when one of them found some porn to watch. That got their buzz on and had to find a guy to bang now. The frat guys just saw one of the new guys passing around the room so they took him for a ride. The poor dude didn’t know what hit him, all those guys around him everyone trying to get him undressed and tied. He knew that the guys like it rough but now he found out just how rough.

He didn’t really like the idea so the guys had to tie him up and get him in the mood. The new guy ended up enjoying getting his tight ass pounded by the entire fraternity. After he chilled the guys untied him and continued nailing his ass and fucking his throat too. He sure was hard to convince but the guys did it again and you can watch it all in the latest video below. He did a really good job, so we hope that the guys are including him in their next videos too. Until the next upload make sure you check out the older updates. Enjoy!

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  • Updated February 22, 2017
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