Fresh College Meat

Well, the guys got some fresh meat to bang in this latest fraternity x video. Ian is the one getting his ass loosen up by the entire frat x gang. He was new and ended up spending a lot of time with the frat guys. It was clear that he was into guys, just by the way he checked everyone out, every guy that passed in front of him. Ian was invited to the house to get to know all the guys and after a couple of beers the guys tried Ian out. He was pretty hammered so he didn’t mind getting his ass nailed to the floor and having the entire house dumping their loads in his tight ass. From the looks of it Ian is going to be a fit for their household and pretty soon he is going to become the house bitch.

The guys were impressed with the way he took it all and they didn’t even have to tie him up or duct tape his mouth. He didn’t try to get out of it or scream and like we said he took it like a pro. Below you can see him getting hammered by his new frat brothers and getting covered with jizz. You are going to find some amazing shots and you guys should not miss them out. This was all for today but we’ll be back soon with more updates!

Check out the frat guy fucking their newest brother!

  • Updated October 19, 2017
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