Ass Bashing

Tyler, the house bitch gets his ass fucked in this one, again. He is the only one that can get them pissed all the time, without even wanting it. He was cleaning the gay frat porn┬áhouse because it was his turn to do it. Tyler started with the guys’ rooms and left the living room last because there was all the mess. He was so focused on cleaning that he completely ignored the guys that were watching a fight on the TV.

Tyler cleaned all the beer cans on the floor and as he was gathering them he passed in front of the TV. Right in that moment, the fight was about to end and the guys missed the final hit. They were pissed at him and the last thing Tyler heard was everyone screaming to move, but it was too late. The guys were all over him, pinned his sorry ass to the ground and started pounding it. The entire frat shoving their dicks in Tyler’s ass and they fucked his face too. Tyler got fucked again! That was why everyone knew him as the house bitch because he always messed things up and got fucked for doing them. But he got used to it after staying with the guys for so long. Tyler actually enjoyed being the frat house bitch even with all that intense fucking. Enjoy the scene below!

See these frat guys ass fucking the house bitch!

  • Updated August 16, 2017
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