Tied Up Fuck Hole

Riley, the snitch, received a rough punishment from his fraternity x bros. Riley talked too much with the wrong people and now everyone was watching them. They really didn’t need all that attention on them so they had to teach Riley a lesson. The guys had their businesses using their frat x as a cover up but Riley blew everything, so the guys didn’t have any mercy the next time they met and destroyed his ass. The guys knew about Riley’s big mouth but they didn’t say a word to him and showed him instead just how upset they are with his behavior. It was an ordinary day around the frat house and the guys started fooling around and included Riley too. They tied him up using some tape and then took turns on destroying his tight butthole. The gay frat guys had a camera with them the entire time so we have everything on tape for you guys. This is all for today but we’ll see you tomorrow with another update!

  • Updated February 10, 2017
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