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The frat guys found a new house bitch in this latest fraternity x video. Riley loves getting his ass hammered so he is the perfect for their house. Riley just transferred from another college and on his first day there he spent some time with one of the frat guys. He never was in a fraternity before so this seemed kind of interesting to try out.

He was invited to the house to meet the other guys too and he liked what he saw there. The guys were straight forward and told him everything that goes down there. Riley being such a people pleaser ended up the house bitch. He cleaned the house, did all the homework and he took their loads too. The guys loved to get him tied him up, so he would stop squirming and they could fuck his fine ass for as long as they wished to. See Riley in the latest video and find out how thing ended!

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  • Updated February 17, 2020
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Grab Him By The Mussy

The fraternity x guys are back with another insane video! You know that no one loves partying and fucking like them. After another insane party with a lot of drinking and fucking, the guys were sitting in their living room. They still were a bit dizzy, but the worst part was that they were horny as fuck. But somehow things worked out for them because a few days ago they recruited a new guy. So while they were chilling around the house, they saw him walking around only in his boxers. A really bad time do to that!

The guys jumped all over him and without saying a word they ripped off his boxers. The poor guy wasn’t expecting things to get so rough, but he didn’t want to upset the older guys so he didn’t say a word, or at least he tried really hard not to do it. Once the guys started banging his ass the newcomer started screaming, and the guys don’t really enjoy that, so they shut him up one way or another. The taped over his mouth, but not before everyone got it’s turn getting their dick sucked. The entire frat ended up pounding his ass out and they did it all with the camera turned on. It seemed a good day to shoot another video. Check it out below and we’ll be back next time with more!

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  • Updated February 22, 2020
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Fratboy Tied Up

The new guy got drunk again, but this one topped them all. He is actually the first straight guy to join the fraternity, but the guys took care of it in this latest fraternity x video. He didn’t want to fuck with either of them and they tried really hard to get in his pants but no one could. Well, today when everyone woke up, they say him completely plastered, he could barely stand straight without leaning on the wall. This was their chance and everyone in that room knew that. The new guy tried wrestling them but that finished with him falling on the ground.

He couldn’t move at all and the guys loved that. They undressed him and got a really good look at his tight straight ass ready to have it stretched. The guys began shoving their fat dicks in this straight asshole and they really had to work to stretch his tight hole. But it didn’t stop there because one of the guys took care of his mouth too, so the new guy had some balls slapping against his face while he got face fucked. In the middle of the fun, he started screaming and moaning at the same time, so they guys had to shut him up and they did that using duct tape. In this one, everyone got to dump their cum in his asshole and now he was officially a member of the fraternity!

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  • Updated March 3, 2020
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Slobbering Hole Fucked

The frat guys were surprised by one of their pledges. One of the older frat guys found out that he has a little dick, so the guys had the see it for themselves. So while the new guy was chilling in the living room of the fraternity house the guys joined him. The poor guy was playing some video games when the guys came and without saying a word they pushed him against the wall. They took off his shorts and started pounding him well.

Everyone was right the new guy really had a little dick but that didn’t stop him from giving the guys some really good head. It seemed like we were face fucking him since forever. The good part was that this guy wasn’t a screamer, no more duct tape, no nothing, he just stood there and took it all. But what the new guy did was to slobber all over their cocks, but we made him cleaned them up. Right after that, the guys made sure that they dumped their load in his tight ass. The frat life is the life! As you can see nothing can stop these frat guys from having a great time and the more new guys they get the better it is for everyone. Enjoy it and make sure you check them in action in the video below!

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  • Updated March 3, 2020
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Loaded Hole

Hey there and welcome back! Another straight guy landed in the frat house and he was perfect for the frat guys. The poor had way too many drinks and he got so hammered up that he passed out, so there’s no surprise that the guys ended up hammering his virgin ass. Everyone that enters their house knows that the guys don’t have any limits and fuck everything on sight. The straight guy was already in one of the guy’s room, so they got all the guys inside the room, closed the room and started having some fun with the new guy.

The poor guy was so buzzed that he didn’t hear or fell anything. After they finished hammering his tight ass, the guys woke him up and he still couldn’t understand what happened. Once they saw all the guys naked around him he then figured it out. But we gotta admit the new guy took it really well and didn’t seem too bothered about the fact that the entire fraternity fucked him. From now one we are sure that he isn’t going to drink as much, especially in a gay fraternity house where everything could happen. Make sure you check him in the video below and we’ll see you next time with more hot gay frat updates. You can also check out the older updates too!


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  • Updated February 27, 2020
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Stuffed and Hungover

Mikey did it again after another wild party at the fraternity x house. These guys love to party and Mikey loves getting his holes stuffed so it’s a perfect match. The guys had one of their usual parties, but this time the party never stopped for Mikey. He kept on drinking way after the party finished. He was the only one awake in the entire house and he still wanted to party. So he ended up cleaning the entire house of alcohol, you couldn’t find anything to drink in the entire place.

When the guy woke up and saw him in such a good mood and they offered him a really special after party. He was so hammered, that after the guys started dildo fucking his ass he passed out on the bed. That didn’t stop them from have a good time and they continued with fucking both of his holes. He got his ass and his face fucked in this one too. The frat guys tried waking him up but they just couldn’t. So after they filled his ass with their loads the guys left him in his bed. The guys got it all on camera so we don’t miss a thing from their latest update. The fraternity hit again and we can’t wait for you guys to see it. You can find the video below. Enjoy!

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  • Updated February 28, 2020
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Liquored Up & Fucked

Nobody wastes alcohol in the frat house and this guy is about to find that out the hard way, with a good ass pounding. The frat guys always find great reasons to fuck these new guys. This one didn’t know that the guys don’t like wasting alcohol, although it was pretty obvious. You’ll see a lot of fights around the house for the last beer, so you understand why the guys were so pissed off with this one. The little-spoiled brat left half of his beer on the table and left the room. The guys knew that they had to teach him a lesson and they were to had the best time doing it. Without saying a word they followed him and cornered him.

It was pretty clear what was going to happen next. The poor guy couldn’t stop screaming when the guys started stuffing his tight ass, so some of them had to keep his mouth shut. They didn’t have any duct tape around so they guys shoved their dicks in his mouth instead just to stop him from screaming. It was distracting them from the job and they couldn’t fully enjoy banging his sorry little ass. That finally shut him up and they could pound this sorry ass quietly without any distractions. While the guys were pounding him they couldn’t stop mentioning that beer. At first, the poor guy didn’t even understand what was really happening. Click to see the guys in action in the video below!

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  • Updated March 3, 2020
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Toga Bitch

The frat guys got to bang the toga bitch in this one. One of the guys thought it might be funny to wear a toga around the house but the guys didn’t find that amusing so they made sure to change his mind too. They dragged the poor guy in the bedroom where everyone got their turn to fuck his ass. The guys hate togas and they think they are for douchebags and they are not letting one of their own to wear it, that’s for sure.

It started as a joke, but the poor guy didn’t catch the guys in the spirit and he paid for it later. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw him walking around the house with that piece of crap on him. And to make it worst he even started smiling at them. That was the last drop that the guys needed so they had to teach him a lesson and to let him know that he can’t make the same mistake twice, not with them. They didn’t recruit a douchebag in the fraternity and they were sending a message to the entire fraternity about it. No togas around their house or outside it, their frat guys don’t wear togas. See the poor getting his ass fucked as he has his hands tied and his mouth covered with duct tape. Enjoy it!

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  • Updated March 3, 2020
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Fuck That Ass

Another newbie gets fucked by the fraternity x guys and he deserved everything that he got. This punk ass guy was new in the fraternity but his big mouth would make you think that he is one of the older guys there. He didn’t have any respect for anyone and started taking trash to everyone there. But that didn’t work out as well as he wanted because the guys weren’t interested in his lame comments. They told him a couple of time to shut up his mouth but he just wouldn’t listen to them and forced the guys to take more drastic measures.

So the next time they heard him disrespecting someone they nailed his ass to the ground and started banging it without asking him a thing. This one was a screamer too, so the guys had to find a way to shut his up, so after all of them got to bang his sorry ass they covered his mouth using duct tape. The frat guys had a blast banging him, we’re not too sure about him, because his ass is going to be red for weeks after this one. You can see the big mouth getting fucked in the video below and you are going to love every second of it and we can assure you of that. This was all for this juicy episode but we’ll see you next time with more!

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  • Updated March 6, 2020
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Gagged And Banged

The fraternity x guys did it again and they delivered us an insane video. The found a new victim and he got tied, gagged and fucked by the guys. The frat guys like changing their guys as often as possible. With all those guys in the house they had from where to pick, but they kept on turning on to the same guy. There was something about him that made him so interesting, maybe the fact that he didn’t really like gang bangs. The guys had to work to get him and that turned them on.


This morning they saw him around the house minding his own business and tried their luck, but the guy was stubborn. No problem! The guys finally caught him and took him in the closet and left him there with his hands tied up until they got in the right mood. He was used to this kind of treatment from the guys so he wasn’t surprised when he saw the duct tape. The guys stripped him naked and tied his hands so he wouldn’t try to escape. Once they got in the mood, they brought him from the closet and threw him on his knees. The guy tried running but they caught him pretty fast and put him back in his place, so the guys could slam his asshole with their raw cocks. He wasn’t going anywhere, not until the guys painted him with their cum loads and after that, it was finally over. If you live in their house you gotta get used to this kind of treatment. Check them out in action in the video below!

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  • Updated March 7, 2020
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