Fucked Up

Another fraternity guy gets fucked in this latest frat porn video. A new bitch arrived on the campus and all eyes were on him. Everyone wanted to find out what’s his story and from what the guys found out this guy lived for riding dicks. He was perfect for the fraternity because you can never have enough guys. The guys invited the new guy to their house on his first night there. The new guy was crazy or at least he thought that before he saw what goes down in their house. Once he entered the house he saw people banging one another all over the place, in each room he went. When he got the invite he did a little reach about the frat house and found out how they like things to be done, so he was there to impress!

This guy was crazy, he just couldn’t get enough! Took turns on riding the guys’ cocks without them doing a thing. They just laid back and got their dicks sucked. But the guys didn’t really like his screaming so one of the guys took care of his big mouth. This crazy dude got his ass hammered by the entire house on his first night there. This was epic and the guy did a hell of a job in this latest update. See you next time!

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  • Updated August 16, 2017
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