Ass Slammers

The frat bros are back in action with another hardcore video. They were getting ready for another of their legendary parties and after they had a few drinks they went to the shower to clean up. There was only one shower and three guys waiting in for it to free up. But that didn’t stop them from have a couple of drinks while waiting in line and to smoke something as well. The guys didn’t mind waiting but when they saw Tyler tried to sneak in front of everyone, well that really pissed them. This fucking bitch thought that no one will notice him.

There were only three guys in line, three! Of course, the guys saw him and told him that he can have the shower first if he wants but first he had to do something for them. Their condition was that he let them all slam his ass before it. We knew that Tyler really loves dicks but just not this much. Lately, he had become the house bitch and he really liked his title so he was actually happy about it. The crazy slut didn’t have any problems getting his ass slammed by three of his brothers in the middle of the bathroom. After they all dumped their loads in his ass he could finally use the shower. Check them in action in the great video below and we’ll see you tomorrow with more updates!


Take a look at the frat guys ass slamming this guy!

  • Updated March 17, 2017
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