Pass Around Ass

The frat brother Stone is the one getting his ass hammered by his brothers in this latest update. As you know things can’t get wilder than in their frat house. Drinking, smoking and fucking all day on. The frat guys were pretty upset on their brother because he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and he was pissing everyone off. The guys told him to shut the fuck up but he just wouldn’t listen to them, so he had to be taught a lesson on well behaving. These new guys keep testing their limits and they aren’t taking it anymore. Somebody has to set their straight and they did it the best way possible. The frat guys had no mercy on his ass, the big mouth needed a lesson.

They undressed him and passed him around the room so all the brother got a chance to bang his ass. They were all out of duct tape so the guys had to take turns on shoving their dicks in his mouth to keep him quiet while he was getting fucked. Everything that night was a big blur with all that drinking but the fraternity buds showed Stone a really good time. You can check them out in action in the video below and also make sure you return for more real frat gay fucking videos and pictures. Enjoy it!


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  • Updated March 21, 2017
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