Loaded Hole

Hey there and welcome back! Another straight guy landed in the frat house and he was perfect for the frat guys. The poor had way too many drinks and he got so hammered up that he passed out, so there’s no surprise that the guys ended up hammering his virgin ass. Everyone that enters their house knows that the guys don’t have any limits and fuck everything on sight. The straight guy was already in one of the guy’s room, so they got all the guys inside the room, closed the room and started having some fun with the new guy.

The poor guy was so buzzed that he didn’t hear or fell anything. After they finished hammering his tight ass, the guys woke him up and he still couldn’t understand what happened. Once they saw all the guys naked around him he then figured it out. But we gotta admit the new guy took it really well and didn’t seem too bothered about the fact that the entire fraternity fucked him. From now one we are sure that he isn’t going to drink as much, especially in a gay fraternity house where everything could happen. Make sure you check him in the video below and we’ll see you next time with more hot gay frat updates. You can also check out the older updates too!


Check out the frat guys banging a straight guy!

  • Updated February 27, 2017
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