Liquored Up & Fucked

Nobody wastes alcohol in the frat house and this guy is about to find that out the hard way, with a good ass pounding. The frat guys always find great reasons to fuck these new guys. This one didn’t know that the guys don’t like wasting alcohol, although it was pretty obvious. You’ll see a lot of fights around the house for the last beer, so you understand why the guys were so pissed off with this one. The little-spoiled brat left half of his beer on the table and left the room. The guys knew that they had to teach him a lesson and they were to had the best time doing it. Without saying a word they followed him and cornered him.

It was pretty clear what was going to happen next. The poor guy couldn’t stop screaming when the guys started stuffing his tight ass, so some of them had to keep his mouth shut. They didn’t have any duct tape around so they guys shoved their dicks in his mouth instead just to stop him from screaming. It was distracting them from the job and they couldn’t fully enjoy banging his sorry little ass. That finally shut him up and they could pound this sorry ass quietly without any distractions. While the guys were pounding him they couldn’t stop mentioning that beer. At first, the poor guy didn’t even understand what was really happening. Click to see the guys in action in the video below!

Enjoy watching the frat guys fucking the new guy!

  • Updated March 3, 2017
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