Hazed Hard And Raw

Fraternity x gang has a great video for you guys. After a crazy week of parties, they were sitting around and watching some match that was on tv. Gauge, one of their frat bro, just didn’t understand the rules so one of the guys tried wrestling him to show him how hard it is to win a match. But as he grabbed him, the little bitch touched his dick. When he was called out about it, it turned out that he touched everybody’s cock as well. The little fag had to learn a lesson and he did that the hard way. The guys were sick of his slutty behavior and they showed it the best way they knew.

The guys bent him over the couch and then everyone took turns on fucking his ass raw. The poor guy got fucked all over the house and that’s a tour he won’t forget too soon. Gauge went through it all during the ass banging session, from struggling, crying to actually enjoying it and blowing a load. He sure is the house’s little pig slut. But after all of it was over he actually liked all those loads in his ass. You can watch Gauge getting his sorry ass fucked and filled in the video below. The guys are going to be back soon with another frat x ass fucking marathon so stay tuned to see more of their hardcore scene. Enjoy it!


Watch here the frat guys drilling this guy’s ass!

  • Updated March 10, 2017
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