Fratboy Tied Up

The new guy got drunk again, but this one topped them all. He is actually the first straight guy to join the fraternity, but the guys took care of it in this latest fraternity x video. He didn’t want to fuck with either of them and they tried really hard to get in his pants but no one could. Well, today when everyone woke up, they say him completely plastered, he could barely stand straight without leaning on the wall. This was their chance and everyone in that room knew that. The new guy tried wrestling them but that finished with him falling on the ground.

He couldn’t move at all and the guys loved that. They undressed him and got a really good look at his tight straight ass ready to have it stretched. The guys began shoving their fat dicks in this straight asshole and they really had to work to stretch his tight hole. But it didn’t stop there because one of the guys took care of his mouth too, so the new guy had some balls slapping against his face while he got face fucked. In the middle of the fun, he started screaming and moaning at the same time, so they guys had to shut him up and they did that using duct tape. In this one, everyone got to dump their cum in his asshole and now he was officially a member of the fraternity!

Watch here this straight guy getting his ass fucked!

  • Updated March 3, 2017
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