Fratboy Punishment

Jessie is the cute frat boy getting hammered in this latest fraternity x update. The guys were enjoying one of their chill nights, having a few beers, some weed, but that changed quickly. Jessie stretched to get his beer from the table and on his way back he accidentally knocked over their bong. Needless to say that there was water all over the floor and that the guys were pissed. Maybe in other frat houses, this is a simple accident, but not in their house. You knock over the bong, you get your ass fucked. Their house, their rules!

Jessie knew that he didn’t have any way of getting out of this and as soon as he tried to get out of the living room, the guys circled him and taped his hands and legs, right after they took off all of his clothes. Jessie was in the middle of the room naked, he couldn’t move or make any kind of noise, just waiting for the guys to start. They pounded him one by one and he hoovered their loads like a little big that he is. The frat guys did it again and sent us an amazing video for you guys and you will enjoy it we can assure of that. Stay tuned because we have a lot of hardcore gay fucking scenes for you guys and you shouldn’t miss them out!


Take a look at this frat guy getting tied and banged!

  • Updated March 9, 2017
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