Frat Bro Fucked

Another frat bro got fucked in this update. Brother John is the one that got his ass and throat fucked in today’s video. The guys were really fucked up in this one, they started drinking since the middle of the day so now they are pretty hammered. Besides all those beers they smoked some weed as well and from that point of everything was a bit foggy. One of the things they remember was that one of the guys mentioned that he thought that wrestlers are hot as they were watching the match on TV in the living room. The guys were already pretty turn on that made them pick the guy to bang a lot easier.

As you know when they are buzzed the frat guys could bang anyone with a pulse. Well, this was brother John’s lucky night because he was in the same room with them and he was actually the one that made that remark about the wrestler. The next thing John remembers is being surrounded by the guys and then getting his throat fucked. His ass was next in line and the guy made sure that everyone blew their load in his ass. The guys didn’t have any mercy on him or his sorry ass. You can see them in the exclusive video below and as you know the guys always sent us some the hottest real gay fraternity fucking scenes. See you next time and enjoy it!


Check out frat bro John getting his ass pounded!

  • Updated March 14, 2017
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