Stuffed and Hungover

Mikey did it again after another wild party at the fraternity x house. These guys love to party and Mikey loves getting his holes stuffed so it’s a perfect match. The guys had one of their usual parties, but this time the party never stopped for Mikey. He kept on drinking way after the party finished. He was the only one awake in the entire house and he still wanted to party. So he ended up cleaning the entire house of alcohol, you couldn’t find anything to drink in the entire place.

When the guy woke up and saw him in such a good mood and they offered him a really special after party. He was so hammered, that after the guys started dildo fucking his ass he passed out on the bed. That didn’t stop them from have a good time and they continued with fucking both of his holes. He got his ass and his face fucked in this one too. The frat guys tried waking him up but they just couldn’t. So after they filled his ass with their loads the guys left him in his bed. The guys got it all on camera so we don’t miss a thing from their latest update. The fraternity hit again and we can’t wait for you guys to see it. You can find the video below. Enjoy!

Enjoy watching these frat guy banging another guy!

  • Updated February 28, 2017
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