Muscle Butt Bro

Everyone from the fraternity house loves Mike’s ass so they bang it as often as they can. Usually when the guys are buzzed all the action happens. This is what happened in this latest video that they guys shoot after one of their crazy parties. They guys had a lot to drink and after the party was over they all went to Mike and fucked his fat ass raw.  The guys took off his clothes, well they ripped them off, bend him over the couch and started nailing him. After a while in the frathouse you kinda get used to it all, the guys always find someone to fuck around the house and lately he was their main target. The guys had a weakness for Mike’s ass and they pounded it as often as they could. Well tonight was a really good night for everyone.

They put some duct tape over his mouth to stop him from screaming, but not before everyone got their turn on getting their dick sucked. Mike took load after load and the little bitch liked every one of them. With an ass like his, he was asking for it. The frat guys couldn’t let him get away that night and the entire fraternity contributed to the madness. You can see them in action in the video below and don’t forget to get back for more steamy guy fucking scenes.

See this poor guy getting his fat ass fucked!

  • Updated March 13, 2017
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