Gagged And Banged

The fraternity x guys did it again and they delivered us an insane video. The found a new victim and he got tied, gagged and fucked by the guys. The frat guys like changing their guys as often as possible. With all those guys in the house they had from where to pick, but they kept on turning on to the same guy. There was something about him that made him so interesting, maybe the fact that he didn’t really like gang bangs. The guys had to work to get him and that turned them on.


This morning they saw him around the house minding his own business and tried their luck, but the guy was stubborn. No problem! The guys finally caught him and took him in the closet and left him there with his hands tied up until they got in the right mood. He was used to this kind of treatment from the guys so he wasn’t surprised when he saw the duct tape. The guys stripped him naked and tied his hands so he wouldn’t try to escape. Once they got in the mood, they brought him from the closet and threw him on his knees. The guy tried running but they caught him pretty fast and put him back in his place, so the guys could slam his asshole with their raw cocks. He wasn’t going anywhere, not until the guys painted him with their cum loads and after that, it was finally over. If you live in their house you gotta get used to this kind of treatment. Check them out in action in the video below!

Take a look at this guy getting gagged and ass fucked!

  • Updated March 7, 2017
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