DP Frat Fuck

The frat guys found a new house bitch in this latest fraternity x video. Riley loves getting his ass hammered so he is the perfect for their house. Riley just transferred from another college and on his first day there he spent some time with one of the frat guys. He never was in a fraternity before so this seemed kind of interesting to try out.

He was invited to the house to meet the other guys too and he liked what he saw there. The guys were straight forward and told him everything that goes down there. Riley being such a people pleaser ended up the house bitch. He cleaned the house, did all the homework and he took their loads too. The guys loved to get him tied him up, so he would stop squirming and they could fuck his fine ass for as long as they wished to. See Riley in the latest video and find out how thing ended!

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  • Updated February 17, 2017
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