Toga Bitch

The frat guys got to bang the toga bitch in this one. One of the guys thought it might be funny to wear a toga around the house but the guys didn’t find that amusing so they made sure to change his mind too. They dragged the poor guy in the bedroom where everyone got their turn to fuck his ass. The guys hate togas and they think they are for douchebags and they are not letting one of their own to wear it, that’s for sure.

It started as a joke, but the poor guy didn’t catch the guys in the spirit and he paid for it later. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw him walking around the house with that piece of crap on him. And to make it worst he even started smiling at them. That was the last drop that the guys needed so they had to teach him a lesson and to let him know that he can’t make the same mistake twice, not with them. They didn’t recruit a douchebag in the fraternity and they were sending a message to the entire fraternity about it. No togas around their house or outside it, their frat guys don’t wear togas. See the poor getting his ass fucked as he has his hands tied and his mouth covered with duct tape. Enjoy it!

Watch here the frat guys banging the toga bitch!

  • Updated March 3, 2017
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