Smart Ass Bottom Boy

The frat guys had to teach a lesson to one of the brothers. These new guys have some really big mouths and someone has to put them in their place and fast. Stone, one of the new guys, entered the house this morning bragging about banging a chick from his class. That wasn’t a problem, but the guy kept annoying everyone about it and then he told some of the older guys that they can’t get pussy as he does. The older guys weren’t really so fond of him and this seemed a pretty good opportunity to shut his big mouth.

The guys were pissed off by his nerve and his big mouth so they taught him a lesson. Stone was surprised by all the old guys while he was trash talking in the living room. The guys grabbed him and pinned his ass to the ground and started banging his tight asshole. The dumb ass guy couldn’t keep his mouth shut so they had to use duct tape on his mouth. Stone was finally quiet and the guys could fuck him without all that bitching. The big mouth guy got his little ass pounded and he will remember this for a very long time. Check him out in action in the scene below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more updates!


See this guy getting fucked by the entire fraternity!

  • Updated March 28, 2017
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