Slobbering Hole Fucked

The frat guys were surprised by one of their pledges. One of the older frat guys found out that he has a little dick, so the guys had the see it for themselves. So while the new guy was chilling in the living room of the fraternity house the guys joined him. The poor guy was playing some video games when the guys came and without saying a word they pushed him against the wall. They took off his shorts and started pounding him well.

Everyone was right the new guy really had a little dick but that didn’t stop him from giving the guys some really good head. It seemed like we were face fucking him since forever. The good part was that this guy wasn’t a screamer, no more duct tape, no nothing, he just stood there and took it all. But what the new guy did was to slobber all over their cocks, but we made him cleaned them up. Right after that, the guys made sure that they dumped their load in his tight ass. The frat life is the life! As you can see nothing can stop these frat guys from having a great time and the more new guys they get the better it is for everyone. Enjoy it and make sure you check them in action in the video below!

Take a look at these frat guys pounding a tight ass!

  • Updated March 3, 2017
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