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Smart Ass Bottom Boy

The frat guys had to teach a lesson to one of the brothers. These new guys have some really big mouths and someone has to put them in their place and fast. Stone, one of the new guys, entered the house this morning bragging about banging a chick from his class. That wasn’t a problem, but the guy kept annoying everyone about it and then he told some of the older guys that they can’t get pussy as he does. The older guys weren’t really so fond of him and this seemed a pretty good opportunity to shut his big mouth.

The guys were pissed off by his nerve and his big mouth so they taught him a lesson. Stone was surprised by all the old guys while he was trash talking in the living room. The guys grabbed him and pinned his ass to the ground and started banging his tight asshole. The dumb ass guy couldn’t keep his mouth shut so they had to use duct tape on his mouth. Stone was finally quiet and the guys could fuck him without all that bitching. The big mouth guy got his little ass pounded and he will remember this for a very long time. Check him out in action in the scene below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more updates!


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  • Updated March 28, 2020
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Little Slut Bro

Tyler, the little house slut, gets banged again in this video. The guys were horny and bored so they asked Tyler to show them his hole. It was a really bad idea but Tyler did it knowing what was going to happen next. The poor guy was already shaking only thinking about how things were going to end for him. He was in the room with some of the older brothers and like the usually do, once one of them is horny they found a guy to bang. This was his day apparently and he couldn’t do anything about it. He was the newest one to join their fraternity so they had to test him out and today he got tried out by the entire fraternity house.

It might seem like he doesn’t like it, but the little bitch enjoys every minute of it. He knows what happens when he’s the newest guy in the room, it’s the household rule and everyone knows it. He didn’t even try to get out of it because he knew that was going to make things worst for him. The guys had a blast banging his little bitch ass one more time, as they pinned him down on the bed and took turns on ass slamming him. The guys love testing out their new recruits and Tyler is definitely a keeper. Check them out in action below!


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  • Updated March 29, 2020
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Gang Bang Bitch Bro

The frat guys are back with another great scene. If you heard about them you pretty much know what is it like to live in their frat house, a lot of drinking, smoking, and ass banging all day long. Well, this was one of those days, the guys were playing some video games and having some beers when it all started. Frat bro Corey was the one in the spotlight in this one and he ended up being the house bitch. They were pretty wasted and like we said Corey looked pretty good so one of the guys made a move on them. They ignored Corey during their last few parties but now he’s got everyone’s attention and they guys are going to show him a really good time, he won’t forget too soon.

It didn’t take the other guys too long to join them. The frat bros couldn’t wait to get their turn on his tight ass. With so many guys around the house, they completely forgot about their boy Corey. But they are going to make up all the lost fucking session tonight. It ended up like most of their nights, playing, drinking and fucking. Corey a little bitch at first, he just couldn’t stop screaming, but the guys took care of his sorry ass. The guys delivered like they do each and every time, now it’s your turn to tell what you think about their video!

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  • Updated March 30, 2020
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Frat Bro Gang Bang

The frat guys did it again today. They were chilling in the living room watching some women wrestling, drinking some beers but something was missing. Looking around the room they saw Tyler sitting on the other couch. It’s been such a long time since they got to bang his sorry ass, so why not today? The guys somehow convinced him to suck everyone’s dick but that was just the beginning. The thing about Tyler is that he really enjoys getting dicks up his ass but he likes to make a scene first. Tyler is such a drama queen and everyone knows that, but the guys had to bang someone so why not him?


Tyler started his routine as always. Some screaming, some kicking but the guys got used to him and knew how to fix this little problem. As you most know, there isn’t a thing that some duct tape couldn’t fix. Luckily they had a lot of it lying around the house and they made sure to use it on Tyler as well. The guys tied his feet, hands and covered his mouth and had their fair share of his ass. They bend him over the couch and everyone got their turn, banged his sorry ass and dumped their loads. They even got to finish watching the match! Check them out in action in the video below!

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  • Updated March 31, 2020
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