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Swole Bottom Bro

Hey there and welcome back for more frat x gay updates! Mike is the star in this latest fraternity x videos. The guys were chilling on the couch, having some beers and smoking when they noticed Mike walking around the room. He was looking for his backpack and kept on stretching in front of them. The guys always had a soft spot for Mike, only the thought of his ass horned them up. They couldn’t stop imagining him getting out of the shower, that clear image of his bubble butt really lit things up.

He didn’t have a chance against them and he didn’t really want to get out of it, to be honest. The guys jumped all over him and pinned him on the floor first and then moved all around the room. The guys didn’t have any mercy with him and offered him an experience he won’t forget too soon. These frat guys sure know how to lit things up out of nowhere. Mike got pounded by the guys, they feed him two dicks at once and filled his mouth and raw hole. From that point on, the guys took turns on pounding his bareback and he got his bubble butt filled with jizz. You can see the guys hammering Mike in the video below!


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  • Updated March 8, 2020
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Fratboy Punishment

Jessie is the cute frat boy getting hammered in this latest fraternity x update. The guys were enjoying one of their chill nights, having a few beers, some weed, but that changed quickly. Jessie stretched to get his beer from the table and on his way back he accidentally knocked over their bong. Needless to say that there was water all over the floor and that the guys were pissed. Maybe in other frat houses, this is a simple accident, but not in their house. You knock over the bong, you get your ass fucked. Their house, their rules!

Jessie knew that he didn’t have any way of getting out of this and as soon as he tried to get out of the living room, the guys circled him and taped his hands and legs, right after they took off all of his clothes. Jessie was in the middle of the room naked, he couldn’t move or make any kind of noise, just waiting for the guys to start. They pounded him one by one and he hoovered their loads like a little big that he is. The frat guys did it again and sent us an amazing video for you guys and you will enjoy it we can assure of that. Stay tuned because we have a lot of hardcore gay fucking scenes for you guys and you shouldn’t miss them out!


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  • Updated March 9, 2020
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Hazed Hard And Raw

Fraternity x gang has a great video for you guys. After a crazy week of parties, they were sitting around and watching some match that was on tv. Gauge, one of their frat bro, just didn’t understand the rules so one of the guys tried wrestling him to show him how hard it is to win a match. But as he grabbed him, the little bitch touched his dick. When he was called out about it, it turned out that he touched everybody’s cock as well. The little fag had to learn a lesson and he did that the hard way. The guys were sick of his slutty behavior and they showed it the best way they knew.

The guys bent him over the couch and then everyone took turns on fucking his ass raw. The poor guy got fucked all over the house and that’s a tour he won’t forget too soon. Gauge went through it all during the ass banging session, from struggling, crying to actually enjoying it and blowing a load. He sure is the house’s little pig slut. But after all of it was over he actually liked all those loads in his ass. You can watch Gauge getting his sorry ass fucked and filled in the video below. The guys are going to be back soon with another frat x ass fucking marathon so stay tuned to see more of their hardcore scene. Enjoy it!


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  • Updated March 10, 2020
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Muscle Butt Bro

Everyone from the fraternity house loves Mike’s ass so they bang it as often as they can. Usually when the guys are buzzed all the action happens. This is what happened in this latest video that they guys shoot after one of their crazy parties. They guys had a lot to drink and after the party was over they all went to Mike and fucked his fat ass raw.  The guys took off his clothes, well they ripped them off, bend him over the couch and started nailing him. After a while in the frathouse you kinda get used to it all, the guys always find someone to fuck around the house and lately he was their main target. The guys had a weakness for Mike’s ass and they pounded it as often as they could. Well tonight was a really good night for everyone.

They put some duct tape over his mouth to stop him from screaming, but not before everyone got their turn on getting their dick sucked. Mike took load after load and the little bitch liked every one of them. With an ass like his, he was asking for it. The frat guys couldn’t let him get away that night and the entire fraternity contributed to the madness. You can see them in action in the video below and don’t forget to get back for more steamy guy fucking scenes.

See this poor guy getting his fat ass fucked!

  • Updated March 13, 2020
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Frat Bro Fucked

Another frat bro got fucked in this update. Brother John is the one that got his ass and throat fucked in today’s video. The guys were really fucked up in this one, they started drinking since the middle of the day so now they are pretty hammered. Besides all those beers they smoked some weed as well and from that point of everything was a bit foggy. One of the things they remember was that one of the guys mentioned that he thought that wrestlers are hot as they were watching the match on TV in the living room. The guys were already pretty turn on that made them pick the guy to bang a lot easier.

As you know when they are buzzed the frat guys could bang anyone with a pulse. Well, this was brother John’s lucky night because he was in the same room with them and he was actually the one that made that remark about the wrestler. The next thing John remembers is being surrounded by the guys and then getting his throat fucked. His ass was next in line and the guy made sure that everyone blew their load in his ass. The guys didn’t have any mercy on him or his sorry ass. You can see them in the exclusive video below and as you know the guys always sent us some the hottest real gay fraternity fucking scenes. See you next time and enjoy it!


Check out frat bro John getting his ass pounded!

  • Updated March 14, 2020
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Bro Gangbang

After a few beers, the actual party started at the fraternity x household. The frat guys turned on one of their own and the poor guy ended up taking raw dicks up his asshole. The guys had a few beers and got pretty buzzed. Although most of the time you can find a new guy around the house, tonight there wasn’t anyone there so they had to turn to one of their older members for a quick fuck. All three of them went towards him and without saying a word they bent him over the couch and banged his ass, upside down. When you live in that house you kinda expect things got overboard all of a sudden.

He got to ride all three dicks in the frat house and he actually enjoyed it. The guys banged and filled his ass too and you gotta see them dumping their loads up his ass. He knew the drill, so he did it all by the books. When he saw them all getting buzzed he knew that the assholes were going to come after him. To be honest it’s been a while since they fucked him and tonight seemed the perfect time to fix that. The fraternity brothers had a hell of a time fucking his ass and you can see it all in the hardcore gay fucking video below. Check it out below! See you guys next time!


Watch here the frat guy banging their brother!

  • Updated March 15, 2020
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Ass Slammers

The frat bros are back in action with another hardcore video. They were getting ready for another of their legendary parties and after they had a few drinks they went to the shower to clean up. There was only one shower and three guys waiting in for it to free up. But that didn’t stop them from have a couple of drinks while waiting in line and to smoke something as well. The guys didn’t mind waiting but when they saw Tyler tried to sneak in front of everyone, well that really pissed them. This fucking bitch thought that no one will notice him.

There were only three guys in line, three! Of course, the guys saw him and told him that he can have the shower first if he wants but first he had to do something for them. Their condition was that he let them all slam his ass before it. We knew that Tyler really loves dicks but just not this much. Lately, he had become the house bitch and he really liked his title so he was actually happy about it. The crazy slut didn’t have any problems getting his ass slammed by three of his brothers in the middle of the bathroom. After they all dumped their loads in his ass he could finally use the shower. Check them in action in the great video below and we’ll see you tomorrow with more updates!


Take a look at the frat guys ass slamming this guy!

  • Updated March 17, 2020
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Drunk, Lit and Gangbanged

When the frat guys are drunk, things get lit and one frat guy gets gang banged. That’s the course in their house and everyone pretty much knows it. This is pretty much what happened in this update as well. The guys were chilling around the house, some video games, some beers like they usually do. Except this time they had a few more beers than usual and that’s never a good thing. All that alcohol really turned them on and they were searching the room for their boy toy of the day. They were sick of banging the same ass over and over again, some fresh meat was needed.

None of the newcomers were there so they had to turn to one of the older bros. No words, no asking, no nothing. One of the guys unzipped his pants, took out his dick and shoved in his mouth while he was watching TV. But this is only the beginning, you know that the guys couldn’t let him get away so easily. He had to service everyone there. Right after he finished sucking off their dicks the guys threw his ass around the house and everyone got a chance to bang his ass. There were loads shooting all over the room, some in his ass, some on his face. The poor guys is going walk to funny for a few days. Check them out in action in the video and don’t forget to return for more!

Enjoy watching these frat guys banging one of their brothers!

  • Updated March 20, 2020
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Pass Around Ass

The frat brother Stone is the one getting his ass hammered by his brothers in this latest update. As you know things can’t get wilder than in their frat house. Drinking, smoking and fucking all day on. The frat guys were pretty upset on their brother because he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and he was pissing everyone off. The guys told him to shut the fuck up but he just wouldn’t listen to them, so he had to be taught a lesson on well behaving. These new guys keep testing their limits and they aren’t taking it anymore. Somebody has to set their straight and they did it the best way possible. The frat guys had no mercy on his ass, the big mouth needed a lesson.

They undressed him and passed him around the room so all the brother got a chance to bang his ass. They were all out of duct tape so the guys had to take turns on shoving their dicks in his mouth to keep him quiet while he was getting fucked. Everything that night was a big blur with all that drinking but the fraternity buds showed Stone a really good time. You can check them out in action in the video below and also make sure you return for more real frat gay fucking videos and pictures. Enjoy it!


Check out this frat guy getting his mouth stuffed!

  • Updated March 21, 2020
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Druken Frat Gangbang

Nobody knows how it really started but they ended up ass banging Tyler’s tight ass again. Tyler is getting a lot of action lately, he was the house bitch for a while but the guys left him alone lately, well that changed last night. The jocks had a little party as always and there was a lot of drinking involved. It wouldn’t be a party if the guys didn’t get wasted! From that point, it was a bit blurry for everyone there. Tyler said something to the guys, something that really pissed them off, but no one can actually remember what it was. Things escalated from there. Tyler got to service and all their cocks up his ass, after his little remark. He was expecting everything to be a bit rough, but the guys had to take care of his sorry ass.

The guys did it by the book, they tied Tyler up and gagged him. The poor little dude couldn’t move and say a word, just like the guys like them, still and quiet. Like we said Tyler has been the house bitch so long and he wasn’t surprised by any of it. Everyone swore to keep the secret but one of them kind of broke that promise. Luckily they got it on camera as well.  Enjoy the hot gay sex video below and make sure you return for more steamy updates!

Enjoy watching Tyler getting tied, gagged and fucked!

  • Updated March 23, 2020
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