Grab Him By The Mussy

The fraternity x guys are back with another insane video! You know that no one loves partying and fucking like them. After another insane party with a lot of drinking and fucking, the guys were sitting in their living room. They still were a bit dizzy, but the worst part was that they were horny as fuck. But somehow things worked out for them because a few days ago they recruited a new guy. So while they were chilling around the house, they saw him walking around only in his boxers. A really bad time do to that!

The guys jumped all over him and without saying a word they ripped off his boxers. The poor guy wasn’t expecting things to get so rough, but he didn’t want to upset the older guys so he didn’t say a word, or at least he tried really hard not to do it. Once the guys started banging his ass the newcomer started screaming, and the guys don’t really enjoy that, so they shut him up one way or another. The taped over his mouth, but not before everyone got it’s turn getting their dick sucked. The entire frat ended up pounding his ass out and they did it all with the camera turned on. It seemed a good day to shoot another video. Check it out below and we’ll be back next time with more!

Take a look at the new guy getting his ass destroyed!

  • Updated February 22, 2017
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